NetIQ Privileged User Manager


Secure access to UNIX,
Linux and Windows systems

Do you have visibility into everything that privileged users are doing on your systems across your environment? Would you know if an unauthorized user gained access to sensitive information? The frequency and seriousness these breaches are increasing and compliance requirements for regulated information are forcing businesses to monitor of privileged user access. Can you do so today? NetIQ Privileged User Manager allows IT administrators to work on systems without exposing administrator or supervisor passwords, as well as root-account credentials to the administrator. It specifically targets managing, controlling and recording of all privileged administrator activities for UNIX, Linux and Windows environments.


Smart Privileged user control features

Secure, cross-platform privileged user management   Simplified policy management with web-based console   Detailed analysis with color-coded risk ratings   Automatic data filtering for continuous compliance  
Control and record "which privileged user have access to what." You centrally define the commands that privileged users are able to execute on any UNIX, Linux or Windows platform. Read more ›   Centrally manage security policies from a single point. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create rules instead of relying on manual scripting. Read more ›   Powerful risk-analysis tools record and play back user activity—down to the keystroke level. The unique risk-profiling capability points out any collected user input that poses a risk. Read more ›   Prove compliance with permanent audit records 24x7x365, not just around compliance audits. Detailed logs of user activity help maintain your compliance posture. Read more ›  
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