Single sign-on with advanced authentication


SecureLogin streamlines user authentication for enterprise applications by providing a single login experience to the users. It eliminates password reset calls, protects against unauthorized access to business applications, and integrates with almost any authentication device.

 Smart single sign-on features

Single sign-on boosts security

Advanced authentication supports multiple login methods

Integration wizard lowers cost of deployment

SSO for disconnected users enables secure remote access


Fast user switching secures shared workstations

Raise your secure user experience by delivering one of the leading single sign-on (SSO) solutions across your enterprise. Give users just one password to remember, and get multi-platform secure authentication. Read more › For those of you who need highly secure advance authentication methods, SecureLogin supports smart cards, proximity cards, token and biometric based authentication. SecureLogin delivers the market's most comprehensive graphical integration wizard with support for Windows, Web, Java and enterprise applications. For extending SSO to more users wherever they are, SecureLogin operates in both connected and disconnected states so users can gain the security of single sign-on even when not logged into the network. It can even be configured to require authentication against a pass-phrase when your users are working offline. Read more ›

For essential protection of workstations in healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, SecureLogin quickly secures the workstation when left alone. Read more ›




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