SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop



Affordable Linux desktops

designed for the



Delivers essential office functionality. Designed for mixed IT environments. Get the security, manageability and efficiency of Linux.


SUSE designed this desktop to coexist
with Windows, Mac,
UNIX and
other operating systems so you can
get more from
IT investments.

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Cost effective–slash your desktop costs

Tired of paying high prices for Windows?
Switch to a
Linux desktop that more
than pays for itself.

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Complete office suite

Why pay for Microsoft Office? Get the best Linux desktop available today, that includes all office productivity tools for free. More ›


Dozens of bundled applications

Get the Linux desktop that comes bundled with dozens of leading applications–from a web browser to e-mail and collaboration tools and multimedia players—all at no extra cost. More ›

Market-leading usability and manageability

Your employees will love SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. So will your sysadmins.
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You're in good company.

The Belgian Ministry of Justice deployed SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop on 10,000 workstations, saving 50% in software licensing costs.   Adopted a Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop strategy to increase student computer access tenfold, and reduce lab setup costs by 80%.   Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) migrated from Windows to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Desktop, and is putting it on 30,000 desktops and 1,880 servers in Tamil Nadu's schools.  

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