On-demand Training


Overview  You need quality training to make the most of your investments. However, it can be tough to find the time and money for training in the face of shrinking budgets, rising travel costs and tough economic times.  


About On-demand Training

On-demand training is a convenient and affordable online training environment with 24x7 access. And as additional On-demand training courses are added to the library, you're subscription allows you to access them at no additional cost. On-demand training is sold as a subscription and entitles a single user access to on-demand training courses for a 12 month period from the date of purchase. On-demand training offers you


With flexible and affordable subscription plans,

On-demand training delivers high-quality training

content at a low cost.



We have built a reputation for providing industry-leading
training. Now, we're making training available any time,
from any location.



On-demand training offers a rich, interactive, and
complete online learning environment that includes
expert instructors and video demonstrations. Select
courses feature quizzes and hands-on labs.



Overview Information


Overview of On-demand Training Courses On-demand training includes three types of courses:

Support Quick Fix Training
These short training modules address a wide range of
topics such as common support issues, migrations, troubleshooting and advanced coverage of specific product features or

Administrator-level Training Courses
Once you have the product installed and configured, you
need to know how to use it productively. Administrator-level training courses teach basic, day-to- day operation of the product.

Engineer-level Training Courses
Engineer-level training courses are intermediate to advanced training offerings going beyond the normal day-to-day administration topics.


Subscription Information


On-demand Full Library

A one-year subscription (from date of purchase) gives you full access to all the On-demand libraries including NetIQ, Novell, and SUSE. Select the Resources tab to the right to see which courses are available in each library.  

What is On-demand Training?

  • Convenient delivery method offering a flexible solution to non-traditional training options
  • Accessible online at any time and anywhere with a broadband connection
  • Perfect option if you have limited time or budget for classroom training
  • Features a recorded lectures and demos, with quizzes and downloadable virtual machines for select courses
  • Helps you gain the knowledge and expertise you need to remain competitive

  What is the price?

  • The Full Library subscription with access to all the On-demand libraries is just US$1400 per user per year.
  • The NetIQ, Novell or SUSE Library is US$1050.
  • Volume discount pricing is available


How do I purchase On-demand training?

On-demand library subscriptions can be purchased through the SUSE Shop

How do I access On-demand training after purchasing a subscription?

You can access On-demand training through the Customer Center ( Log in, then highlight "My Training" and select the "On-demand Training" option to display the courses available to you. If nothing appears (or an error message is displayed), contact the Customer Resolution Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .