Service Desk

Deploy a complete, scalable service-desk solution that lowers your service and support costs and improves service levels by streamlining and automating your entire service-management environment.


Product Overview

Novell Service Desk reduces your mean time to repair (MTTR) and continually improves your service-management environment by streamlining and automating a complete range of service-desk functions. By applying industry-acknowledged best practices, Novell Service Desk’s fully integrated service management tool allows you to solve, submit, track and manage requests via e-mail, PDA or a convenient customer portal.

Key Benefits

With Novell Service Desk, you can: Deploy a complete, scalable and flexible service management environment quickly and inexpensively Integrate Novell Service Desk quickly with your existing enterprise directories, asset management and authentication solutions Enhance, improve and automate incident, problem and change management processes using a centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Speed resolution times and reduce frustration by empowering users to solve their own problems Embrace and follow key ITIL service support and delivery support processes without hiring expensive consultants


Key Features

Novell Service Desk can offer your organization the following key features and capabilities:


Web 2.0 Architecture

With Novell Service Desk, you are not limited by a specific browser or plugin because the product supports every browser on every operating system and embraces the latest Web 2.0 technologies


Vendor-neutral Approach

Novell Service Desk supports all major operating systems, databases and application servers with simple installation and configuration on existing business systems, reducing the need to invest in proprietary software or specific hardware.


Support for Open Standards

Novell Service Desk applications support open standards and comply with existing standards such as XML, web services, Java*, Mail and CSS.



Novell Service Desk supports thousands of concurrent users and integrates easily with other systems to expand and adapt to your existing enterprise applications. Complete support for clustering, load balancing and failover is also available.


Fast, Efficient Deployment

with Novell Service Desk, there are no more 6–12 month implementations and long-term consulting contracts. The product is designed so that customization can be performed by users using simple configuration options and style changes


High-performance Computing

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