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PlateSpin Migrate

Easily migrate server workloads from anywhere to anywhere

PlateSpin® Migrate is a physical/virtual conversion tool that delivers the fastest and most efficient P2V (and in fact anywhere-to-anywhere) migrations, because of NetIQ’s proprietary block-based transfer protocols and Server Sync technology.


What’s new in PlateSpin Migrate 9?

New features in PlateSpin Migrate 9 include bandwidth throttling and compression, NAT support, thin disk support, and the addition of support for SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 9 and Open Enterprise Server 2 workloads. Read more …

Faster, more reliable migrations

Accelerate workload migration and reduce errors with the highest level of automation available for workload migration, and free up valuable IT resources. Read more …

Integrated testing for safer migrations

Only PlateSpin Migrate recognizes the need for testing as an important key to success, and includes testing in every workload migration job. Read more …

Multi-platform support

Perform anywhere-to-anywhere migrations to and from physical servers, virtual hosts, and image archives, with broad support for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems. Read more …