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PlateSpin Recon

Take the guesswork out of virtual capacity planning and analysis

Wondering which servers to virtualize, how many host servers to buy, and which virtual machines go on which hosts? PlateSpin® Recon is a virtualization planning tool for complex server consolidation initiatives that provides actionable data based on criteria you define. It uses the most accurate utilization profiling to maximize consolidation ratios and virtualization densities while minimizing resource contention.

Whether your goal is virtualizing more servers onto fewer hosts, lowering power consumption, or freeing up rack space in you data center, PlateSpin Recon gives you the intelligence to succeed.

Smart virtualization planning features

Smart virtualization planning features

Are you relying on best guesses to identify underused physical servers and virtual hosts? PlateSpin Recon’s unique workload profiling tracks actual CPU, disk, memory, and network utilization over time, on both physical servers and virtual hosts. Read more …

Extend the life of your virtual infrastructure

PlateSpin Recon’s Virtual Capacity Management finds underused resources in your virtualized IT environment and lets you reclaim or reassign allocated resources. Read more …

Increase visibility across multiplatform environments

With PlateSpin Recon you get a true enterprise-scale workload analysis, planning and management solution that works across multiple platforms. Read more …